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For this post, I decided to ask and answer the question, what is the best online dating site? There are hundreds and hundreds of dating sites. If you lead a busy life, how do you go about just choosing one dating site? As I asked this question, I came up with 3 factors that must be present with any dating website to be considered “the best”. Here are the 3 factors I came up with.

1. Value
The dating site either has to offer free registration, or offer a tremendous value for the price.

2. Massive Popularity
The dating website needs to be very popular and have tens of thousands of members at an absolute minimum.

3. Ease Of Use
The dating website needs to be ridiculously easy to use. Who needs to waste time learning how to use a dating site?
Looking at these 3 factors, I came up with 3 dating sites that I feel fits this criteria the most.

1. Dating Advice/Strategy For Men
While not a traditional dating site, this site will teach strategies/techniques on finding the girl of your dreams. Highly recommended.

2. PlentyOfFish
A free website that offers value, although it’s a bit sketchy at times.

Hopefully these suggestions have given you a few ideas on where to go next in your dating search. Good luck to you!

Dating Advice For Men

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